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Links and Quotes
From Tim Pyles, Events Manager for Tamarack:

Dear Theron,  I must agree that as the "Black Diamond" your Impression of Neil Diamond is quite outstanding. I have enjoyed following your development in what seems like every-other day articles in the news and thank you for sharing your talent with Tamarack and our patrons.They continue sending me positive comments about the concert.

From John Davis of the American Cancer Society Board of Directors:

I correctly assumed when booking the "Black Diamond" show on our main stage,that it would be a smash hit. Everyone was genuinely amazed and impressed by that Neil Diamond sound-a-like voice you have. I'm glad it occured to me to invite you to perform. What a coup de tat!!

From Debby Weinstein, Executive Director of the YWCA of Charleston (WV):

Neil Diamond would be proud I'm sure to know that someone as talented as you is promoting his sound. If one couldn't have seen that it was you on stage, they would have thought it was Neil himself!